Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Which restaurants offer a view of the water?

We received a request asking which reception locations and restaurants have a view of the water.... that's a tough question, but Debbie B. took a shot:
Regarding dining on the water...there are SO many options...too many to list. There are 3 pavillions that border the Inner Harbor. The Light St and Pratt St Pavillions offer many outside and/or water view dining options. They range from very upscale seafood and steak house restaurants to more clubby/bistro offerings to carry out options. It can be great fun to grab something from one of the vendors or carry out restaurants and seat on one of the many benches directly on the piers of the Harbor.
Another option and a great example of local flavor is Fells Point...very close to the Harbor. It offers many bars, bistros and cafes most with outdoor seating and many are on the inlet of Fells Point. It's a trendy and busy locals hangout especially on the weekends. There are also some restaurants there that can offer great brunch options as well.
The following website is an excellent interactive guide to the Inner Harbor and all of the surrounding areas....www.baltimore.to
To that, I add that if you map in Windows Live Local, and zoom in, and then click on "birds eye view" you can get a 3-D view. So you can tell, for example, that a hotel that is 3 blocks away from the water still has a water view from the rooftop restaurant.


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