Sunday, May 07, 2006

Taking the bus, taking the train?

We have some people coming into Baltimore via Amtrak or via Greyhound who needed to know about getting from the station to the Convention Center area. Uta H. provides some helpful advice:
I just took Greyhound last weekend back from NY to Baltimore. My advice on getting from the either the Baltimore Travel Plaza (first Baltimore stop) or the Baltimore Greyhound Station to the convention area is to call a cab. The actual GH station is located in quite a remote area south of the football stadium and has VERY limited bus service.

I've not yet travelled on Amtrack in or out of Baltimore. But since Amtrack runs to Penn Station, one could take the light rail from Penn Station to the UNIV. OF BALTIMORE/ MT. ROYAL stop, swith trains and continue on down to the Convention Center stop (


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you use the light rail make sure you get a fare ticket before boarding the train. Tickets are available at each light rail station. They do have fare checkers on a regular basis on the trains checking tickets. If you are found on the train without a valid ticket you can be fined.

5/25/2006 2:51 PM  

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