Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Need up-to-date or even "real-time" travel status?

ResourceShelf has a new section on real-time information. Two of the first set of resources might be very helpful for SLA travelers. The following is a direct quote from ResourceShelf:

+++ FlightAware
One of a number of tools to track planes (both commercial and private) as they travel across Canadian and U.S. airspace. It's also possible (although sometimes unreliable) to track international flights either coming or going from the U.S or Canada. Many similar services exist (expect coverage of them soon). We like FlightAware because:
+ Track my tail number, airline/flight #, or airport
+ See all flights coming/going from a specific airport
+ If you register (free and easy) pages will autorefresh
+ Archive of past flight info
+ Near real-time location info (example)

+++ Amtrak Real-Time Train Status


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