Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Collecting Vinyl Records?

M.K.O. a local music expert provides this advice:

Classic rock, DJ dance type stuff, hip-hop, punk, gothic, collectables, assorted used, etc:
Record & Tape Traders
3003 N. Charles St.
Charles Village

Punk, gothic, avante garde:
Reptilian Records
403 S. Broadway
Fells Point

Assorted new and used:
Sound Garden
1616 Thames St.
Fells Point

Classic rock (just used & some collectables I think):
Joe's Record Paradise
5001 Harford Rd.

An Die Musik
407 N. Charles St.

Hope that helps. There used to be a good shop for DJ type vinyl (dance, techno, etc) in Fells Point but I don't see the listing for it anymore and can't remember what it was called. All of these, except Joe's Record Paradise, are a short cab ride from the Inner Harbor.


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